Learning improves performance.

Design and delivery of “Bang on!” learning, geared to achieve your business goals.

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This is where obstacles to effective development are smacked aside and the focus is on performance, not just learning.

Did you realise that only 20% of learners use their training to provide value to the business?

(Source: Harvard Business Review)

And just 38% of managers believe that training programmes meet their learner’s needs?

(Source: Association for Talent Development)

That’s embarrassing.

We’re doing something about it.

“But we’ve always done it that way!”

Today, more than ever, you need the support of quality training to execute strategy and change.

But pull-your-hair-out, because most training is still ‘event’ based — the hope that a single workshop or team building event will fix your pressing stress point.

The research clearly shows it won’t.

Let us offer you a better way.

What we help you build:

  • confident leaders

  • digital savvy-ness

  • effective communicators

  • healthy cultures

  • high-performing teams

  • delighted clients

  • engaging strategies

We have worked with:

  • central and local government

  • disaster recovery

  • law firms

  • public relations

  • small/medium businesses

  • schools

  • youth groups

  • not-for-profits

... and we'd love to work with you!

Hands up if you want...

  • Improvements that are robust and durable?

  • The best learning at the naturally best pace?

  • Less large-chunks of time and more bite-sized learning?

  • Less time off-the-job and more on-the-job learning?

  • Less cost, thanks to smarter delivery?

  • Any barriers to change caught early and karate-chopped?

  • High-impact behaviours identified and leveraged?

  • Learning that’s non-judgmental, cross-cultural and multi-generational?

  • Learning that is playful and curious yet context-driven?

You do? Then we need to talk.

“Uh-oh. This sounds expensive.”

Imagine you bought a new piece of equipment, only to find it did just 20% of what you thought it could. What a waste!

Spending your training budget is no different because you can’t afford to throw away hard-earned dollars in the hope it fully delivers.

That’s why we focus on your learner’s changed performance — the behaviours which impact your business goals and bottom line.


“But we need results fast!”

We hear you. When work is painful a quick-fix feels logical. But remember the saying: Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Avoid rushing into a learning solution which (at first glance) appears to ease the pain — there’s no point throwing money at half a solution.

That said, you might be pleasantly surprised how swiftly (with the right design) robust learning and lasting change can happen. We’ve seen results become immediately obvious.

True story!

“[FizzLogic] has helped me understand how I tick and improved my interaction with others. The programme was delivered with heart, with laughter and a relaxed style that encouraged us to explore. Totally recommended!” Craig, team leader

What FizzLogic offers:

  • “Bang on!” learning to impact your business goals

  • An immediate impact on team dynamics

  • Learning journeys that increase performance

  • An interactive and engaging way to change

  • A proven model used in over 20 countries